Monday, 11,11.19

Guys and Gals Groups – Guys and gals groups will meet at HFC at 8pm. We will study the Bible, discuss relevant topics, and pray together. Guys will meet in the basement, and gals will meet in the worship room.

Tuesday, 11.12.19

Potter Volunteer Night – On Tuesday we will volunteer at Potter Children’s Home and Family Ministries. On Tuesday nights, Potter offers dinner and classes for single mothers, and while the mothers are in their class, we will watch, hangout, and play with their kids. We will play sports and board games and help them with their homework. We will meet at HFC at 5pm to carpool to Potter. Dinner is served from 5:30pm-6pm. We will watch the kids from 6pm-7pm. We will arrive back at HFC at around 7:15pm.

Wednesday, 11.13.19

Worship Wednesday – Join us for Worship Wednesday! Our free meal is at 7pm, and worship starts at 8pm. We’ll have soups and sandwiches for dinner. In worship we will continue our series on the Gospel of Mark by studying Mark 5:1-20. It’ll be a great night of food, worship, prayer, Scripture reading, singing, Bible teaching, and fellowship!

Thursday, 11.14.19

Work Night at Greenwood Park – We will paint the hallway outside of the HFC classroom at Greenwood Park Church of Christ, HFC’s sponsoring Church. We will meet at Greenwood Park at 4:30pm. Dinner will be provided.

Ask Anything with Albert MohlerAl Mohler, president of Southern Seminary in Louisville, in his Ask Anything Tour, speaks at various universities around the United States. He answers students’ questions, especially question about doubt, the Bible, and the Christian worldview. This event will be held in DSU at 7:30pm on Thursday, 11.14.19.

Sunday, 11.17.19

Bible Class and Worship at Greenwood Park – Many HFC students regularly attend Greenwood Park Church of Christ, the sponsoring church of Hilltoppers for Christ. Bible class starts at 9am and is in room 210. Coffee and breakfast will be provided. A time of fellowship and breakfast will be from 9:00am-9:15am, and the Bible study will be from 9:15am to 9:45am. After Bible class, worship with the whole church starts at 10am. Greenwood Park’s address is 1818 Campbell Lane, which is about 3 miles from WKU. If you need a ride to church, contact our campus minister, Ryan Cole.