Established in 1970, Hilltoppers for Christ (HFC) has been serving the students of Western Kentucky University for nearly 50 years. Located at 1536 Chestnut Street, it’s easy to stumble upon the HFC house, just three minutes away from campus. Several weekly, monthly, and annual events are held here with one goal: to create an environment where people can come to know Jesus Christ.


Worship Wednesday

We believe we’re called to gather frequently, as the church, to pray, sing, read Scripture, and ultimately just worship God in community together. At HFC, we meet on the main floor of our house (1536 Chestnut Street) every Wednesday night. Our sponsoring church, Greenwood Park Church of Christ, or other surrounding churches serve us well by providing a free meal each week at 7 p.m. Following the meal, at 8 p.m., we gather for our worship service. 


Although college students may not have a lot of money, time is just as valuable. We have several service events that we participate in throughout the school year. The first Saturday of every month, we partner with Community Church of Christ to host a hot meal for members of our community that may not be able to afford one. Located at the HFC house, we begin cooking at 9 a.m. and serve our guests at 10 a.m. Using locally grown food with high nutrients, real silverware, and physically serving them, we try to make our house feel like home to them. In addition, we partner with Potter Children’s Home, which provides services and housing to struggling families in the Bowling Green community. Every Tuesday they host a class that teaches real-world skills for single mothers. During this time, we provide childcare and allow for the mothers’ whole focus to be on bettering themselves in that moment. 

Mission Trips


Annually HFC strives to go beyond the walls of our city, state, and even country to proclaim the Gospel. Because of the generosity of friends, family, and even complete strangers, we have been able to continually reach for this goal and serve in anyway possible along the way. The past few years we have ventured out west to Tempe, Ariozna to help with a church plant, along with Fort Worth, Texas to help rennovate children’s classrooms and church offices. This year, we have the awesome opportunity to team up with members from our sponsoring church, Greenwood Park Church of Christ, to achieve this goal. Several of our students will be traveling to Honduras to serve a community that one of our sponsored missionaries, Rene Rosa, ministers to each week. While there, we’ll be providing medical care, construction, child care, general chores, and serving in anyway possible to help our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Special Events

Along with our reoccurring events, we also have special events centered around fellowship, celebration, and community. We have crafting events where we paint tote bags or potted plants to celebrate Earth day, several game nights throughout the semester, and holiday parties! We especially love the special moments that are created when someone takes on Christ through baptism, and allows us to rejoice together in that. 

Find us on campus!

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