HFC Prayer Team

13230337_10153767647857901_8454483726605232024_nWe need God’s help. There is nothing we can do in ministry without the grace and power of God. That’s why prayer is so important. Many of you have been affected greatly by HFC. Would you consider interceding to God on our behalf?

Our goal is for 100 HFC supporters to commit to pray for HFC five times a week. To sign up for daily text prayer prompt, text @hfcprayer to 81010. You will typically receive a text prayer request or prompt every weekday at noon.

Here’s the typical prayer schedule:

Monday – Pray for our campus ministry leaders (our campus minister, interns, students leaders, and leadership development).

Tuesday – Ask God to help our ministry grow in our love of God.

Wednesday – Ask God to help our ministry grow in our love of people.

Thursday – Ask God to help our students grow and mature in their faith and discipleship of Jesus.

Friday – Pray for opportunities, good “soil,” and boldness to share the gospel with people who do not yet know Jesus.