Community (Jonathan Bunnell)

Community (Jonathan Bunnell)

It takes a village to raise a child.

We’ve all heard those words. We’ve all put ourselves in the shoes of the village raising the child. Have you ever taken a moment to think about it from the view of the child though? The kid never asks for the community to raise them, it just happens. We have no idea if the kid even wants to be a part of that community.

For most of my life, I did not want to be a part of that community. I had never been fully accepted anywhere. I was the runt, the end of the joke. I was searching for that validation and recognition in my life. Things began to radically change when I began to experience true community three years ago.

A question I asked myself was if I actually need community. Is community something I should strive to be in? My answer is found in Scripture. In Genesis 1:26, God is saying,

“Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.”

Here God is talking in community of Himself. The Father, Son, and Spirit. From the beginning there has been community, and into eternity there will be community in God.

I decided that I needed to search out this community.

This search led to Hilltoppers for Christ. Here, in this place, I found that community. A community that is intertwined with Christ. A community that is striving after the Holy Spirit. A community that is studying the heart of the Father. Due to this, I have grown in my faith and my foundation has been strengthened. When any struggle comes my way, I have a God, and community on Earth to help me through. At the top of a mountain, I have a group of believers rejoicing with me. No matter the situation I have found a belonging, in the fold of God.

God desires us to not only have a daily personal intimate relationship with him, but also with his creation. With his mountains, valleys, streams, oceans, and prairies, and yes especially other people. God is calling you into his arms, but also into his fold. Come, his arms are open, and so are ours.

Jonathan Bunnell, WKU class of 2019, is from Glasgow, Kentucky. While studying Biology and Chemistry, he served as an intern at HFC for two years! He loves Christian memes and dogs, although he’s quite allergic to them.