Greenwood Park Summer Series 2019

Greenwood Park Summer Series 2019

From May 29 through the end of July, we will not meet at the HFC house on Wednesday nights. Instead, we encourage everyone to join us at our sponsoring church, Greenwood Park Church of Christ, for their summer series! There will be some incredible speakers and topics covered.

The theme of the summer series is “Legacy of Grace.”

It is often said that the God of the Old Testament is a God of wrath and can not be the same God of the New Testament. The truth is that God’s grace was introduced at the very beginning. God’s grace is equally clear in the Old Testament as in the New. This series will take a look at God’s grace in the lives of some of the more famous and not so famous people in the first five books of the Bible (Torah). The end result is that we will all see from the beginning of time God has created a legacy of grace through the men and women who trusted Him.

May 29 // Patrick Mead, Fourth Avenue Church of Christ, Franklin, Tennessee // “Surprised by Grace: A Long Time Ago”

June 5 // Arnis Pape, Westport Road Church of Christ, Louisville, Kentucky // “The Grace of Failure (Exodus 3:1-11)”

June 19 // Brad Rhoads, Grace Marriage, Owensboro, Kentucky // “Hosea and Gomer: Grace Illustrated”

June 26 // Russ King, Donelson Church of Christ, Donelson, Tennessee // “Harry and the Heel Grabber: Grace in Conflict”

July 10 // Taft Ayers, WAY-FM, Columbia, Tennessee // “Joseph: God’s Grace in Deliverance”

July 17 // Tim Harris, Woodburn Baptist Church, Woodburn, Kentucky // “Grace in the Ashes (Leviticus 6:8-13)”

July 24 // Steve Tyree, Greenwood Park Church of Christ, Bowling Green, Kentucky // “Grace and the Tree of Life (Genesis 2)”

July 31 // Jeff Brown, Woodmont Hills Church of Christ, Nashville, Tennessee // “The Grace of Hearing (Exodus 2:24)”