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Running the Race (Emma Wells)

In the summer Olympics, the relay race is an event made up of a team of four runners.  Between the start and finish lines are areas called the change zones where batons are passed off between the respective runners in their endeavor to win the race.  We, as Christians, also have a race to run.
Hannah Gill

To Love the Word (Hannah Gill)

We all know there are those out there who absolutely love reading and those who despise it. Well friends, if you’re anything like me, you hate reading.
Ben Jamison

To know that I don’t have to know (Cejay Moore)

Eighteen years. Eighteen years is how long it took me to somewhat understand the Gospel. I say somewhat, because, to be completely honest, I still don’t understand it entirely. It’s the craziest, most ambiguous love story I’ve ever read. Somehow a crazy, ambiguous love story written to me, and written to you. It’s this overwhelming, factual book filled with testimonies, promises, and commandments. Sixty six books and 1,189 chapters, packed with Scripture that were breathed out by God. It took me…
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