Tailgating at HFC

We will tailgate at HFC before the first WKU football game of the season! The WKU will be facing off against the UT Martin Skyhawks. We will cookout at HFC at 5pm and head over for the game at 6:30pm.

Scavenger Hunt

We will meet at HFC at 7pm for a city-wide scavenger hunt! It’ll be a great way to get to know the city of Bowling Green! There will be prizes for the winning team!

Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for Dinner Take a break from studying for finals and working on projects for breakfast for dinner! We’ll have waffles! Come by HFC at 7pm on Tuesday, May 3. It’ll be a great time to rest, take a break, eat good food, and fellowship with friends before the end of the school year.

Graduation and End-of-the-Year Devo

We will meet at HFC at 7pm to celebrate all God has done this year through HFC and celebrate the May 2022 graduates. Dinner will be provided. Afterwards, tables will be set up along with snacks and coffee provided for a night of studying and preparing for finals!

Worship Wednesday on Zoom

Due to the large amounts of snow, ice, and unsafe road conditions, we will not have Worship Wednesday in person. Instead, we will do a 30-minute Zoom meeting tonight at 8pm for a short devotional, time of prayer, and a time to fellowship. Zoom link: or Zoom Meeting I.D.: 2707919400 + password: hfc1536

Online Game Night

Online Game Night – On Tuesday, 2.16.21, at 7pm, at our online game night we will play Code Names! Directions: First, you’ll need to log onto HFC’s Zoom meeting. Zoom link: or Zoom Meeting I.D.: 2707919400 + password: hfc1536 Second, you’ll need to open your browser to Once you join our Zoom meeting and go to the code names site, wait for everyone else to join, we’ll create a game, and we’ll begin playing! It’ll be a lot of…